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11 Steps To Be Able To Produce A Strong Proper Marketing Plan

Showing your ads to the right people is the most important predictor of success. Read up on how to effectively target people by both location and interest categories.

BOGOF offers are usually the best performing because offering something for free motivates people more than % discounts. 3rd step is sending them a personalized email 2 or 3 weeks out from their big day explaining why you have the best venue for their event.

You could also consider adding in a special discount to sweeten the deal. The 1st step is recording the birthday’s of your guests. You can ask them over the phone, run survey’s or ask them when they are making an online booking. Birthday’s the single most important dining day for most people in the year. Restaurants want to capture these diners as usually the party size is large and the total spend is high. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably already have a Google Business account which shows your location, some pictures, website link etc.

Marketing Idea

Online ad platforms give you the ability to ‘geo-target’ your advertising. In the ad platform you simply use your city or zip code and tell the system to only target people in your nearby location. Upscale restaurants can focus on free upgrades to the dining experience like free champagne or dessert. More casual restaurants might want to just straight up offer a discount to loyal guests. But you can also actively encourage loyalty through loyalty programs and reward schemes for repeat customers. You can administer the whole thing in house or team up with an app provider that deals specifically with loyalty.

Each ad platform has it’s own unique features which you will become familiar with over time. But be warned – in mature markets like the US and UK – digital ads are not so cheap anymore, so monitor the performance closely and turn them off if not performing. We recommend Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Google Ads when getting started with restaurant advertising. Example is the Fine Dine Restaurant Marketing Frameworkthat we built to help restaurants. (It’s aimed at fine dining but is applicable to almost everyone). A framework is a system you can use to structure multiple aspects of your marketing efforts and break it down into manageable pieces. An example is fitness influencers for a natural ingredient focused restaurant.

Often the key is to show people what you offer can’t be eaten anywhere else. A great place to begin is with a discount offer likely to get people excited to visit. Another option is to focus on local events and encourage people to stop by after they’ve been to the event. This means getting the content of the SMS message right is very important. 90% of website visitors never make a purchase, and retargeting is a way of following up with those people who don’t convert.

Take a deep dive with our online review management guide. Try simply asking people to review you if they have had a great experience, or go one step further and just incentivize people to leave positive reviews. Write ups and reviews from trusted media sources send all the right signals to customers. If you are going to take them yourself thats cool too, but seek out some training on how to use lighting and angles to make your food really shine. We have guide on taking better food photosbut you can also consider taking specialized courses both online and offline. This means highlighting the provenance of your food. Is it local sourced, grown organically, from specific farms or grown in a special way?