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Santa Barbara Magazine

Armie and his wife Elizabeth feature in the latest issue of Santa Barbara magazine! There’s a fantastic interview as well as an amazing photoshoot to accompany the spread. A massive thank you to Whitney for being ever so kind and sending this in! Enjoy! 😀

SB Magazine

Once Upon a Time
With an homage to Slim Aaron’s iconic society portraits, newlyweds Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers revisit a fortunate past with a glamorous future.

Who: Armie Hammer, 23, actor and great-grandson of industrialist and philanthropist Armand Hammer; Elizabeth Chambers, 27, journalist, chief correspondent for the Human Rights Foundation.

Family Roots
He grew up in California, Oklahoma, Texas, and the Cayman Islands. “A little bit of a western meets Swiss Family Robinson,” remembers Armie. She had an idyllic childhood tide-pooling in Half Moon Bay and playing high school sports in Greenwood Village, Colorado. Now, the newlyweds split their time between Los Angeles and Montecito. Read More

Finally, a cute behind the scenes video from the photoshoot (alternatively, you can watch the video here):

Once Upon a Time from Santa Barbara Magazine on Vimeo.