Armie Hammer Online

Armie had his first role as a student in the Fox television series, “Arrested Development” in 2005. He also had small roles in “Veronica Mars” and “Desperate Housewives“. Although he made his first film debut in the movie, “Flicka” as a male prefect, it was his role as Billy Graham in “Billy: The Early Years” in which Armie was becoming recognized. He starred in the 2010 drama flick, “The Social Network” as Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss respectively. In 2011, Armie starred in the biographical drama film “J. Edgar” as Clyde Tolson alongside actor Leonardo DiCaprio. He charmed his way as Prince Andrew Alcott in the comedy fantasy flick, “Mirror Mirror“, a Snow White movie adaption in which he starred alongside actresses Lily Collins and Julia Roberts.


2006 – Flicka Male prefect
2008 – Blackout Tommy
2008 – Billy: The Early Years Billy Graham
2009 – Spring BreakdownAbercrombie boy
2010 – The Social NetworkCameron and Tyler Winklevoss
2011 – J. EdgarClyde Tolson
2012 – Mirror MirrorPrince Andrew Alcott
2013 – The Lone RangerJohn Reid/The Lone Ranger
2014 – The Man from U.N.C.L.E.Illya Kuryakin
2014 – 2:22Dylan


2005 – Arrested DevelopmentStudent #2
2006 – Veronica MarsKurt
2007 – Desperate Housewives Barrett
2009 – Reaper Morgan
2009 – Gossip GirlGabriel Edwards
2012 – The SimpsonsCameron and Tyler Winklevoss
2012 – American Dad!Car rental agent