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Gallery Update | Photoshoots

Since taking over the site I have noticed that the gallery was missing quite a few of the photoshoots that Armie has done the past few years so I decided to work on fixing that. Now you can check out our gallery for 46 beautiful shoots of Armie.

Gallery Links:
Armie Hammer Online > Photoshoots > Outtakes

Pictures of the Hammer Family

Elizabeth & Armie have shared some pictures of their beautiful little family including Miss Harper!

Gallery Links:
Armie Hammer Online > Personal > 2014 | Family Portraits
Armie Hammer Online > Personal > 2014 | Snapshots

New Webmaster

Hello everyone! My name is Ali and I am grateful to Elise for allowing me the opportunity to take over the site! I am going to get the site up to date and make this your best stop for all things related to Armie & his films!

The site now has a twitter account you can follow to keep up whenever I update the site. So follow us @ArmieHammerNet