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“Justice League of America” Back On?

Rumours abound that “Justice League of America” is about to escape development hell and finally get back on track, with punters predicting a big announcement at the forthcoming San Diego Comic Con. If it is indeed happening for real this time, it probably goes without saying that the studio will likely start afresh – ditching most of the previously-announced cast members (Teresa Palmer, Armie Hammer, Common, Adam Brody and D.J Cotrona were all onboard the film before it collapsed in February of 2008) in favour of some bigger names (they do, after all, need to compete with the all-star looming all-star superhero spectacle, “The Avengers)”.


The Faces Of The Facebook Movie

Hi all! 🙂 I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated the site. I apologise..things have been kind of quiet lately on the Armie-front and I know I said I’ll try my best to get Armie’s old projects capped and clipped…I’ve just been far busier than expected. But I’ll try my best to have it all up soon.

Anyway, look who came out of hiding! Big thank you to the wonderful Sofia for the heads up on this. It’s so great to see Armie attending an event! Hopefully he’ll attend more soon. Pictures are via the Guest of a Guest gallery. All photos are by Stephen Grossman.

Hope you enjoy the new article and pictures. Hopefully more updates will be coming to the site soon, thanks for visiting!

Guest of a Guest LA Launch Party – April 10, 2010

The Social Network“, a film written by Aaron Sorkin and based on the book “Accidental Billionaires” based on the story of the creation of Facebook is set to be released this October. This Saturday, the actor, Armie Hammer and Josh Pence who play the Winklevoss Twins in the film, met the twins they have been emulating on set, in real life, at our LA Launch party (more photos to come).

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Incidentally, the same Levi’s denim shirt (a staple of the Winklevoss Twin’s wardrobes) that Cameron was sporting was the exact one used in the film. “Hey! I know that shirt!” -Armie Hammer upon meeting Cameron Winklevoss for the first time. Talk about doing your costume research.

The guys had much to catch up on, and spent the afternoon doing what they probably should have done BEFORE the film was shot: getting to know one another.

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are in town from Oxford, where they are studying business and recently finished up rowing for Oxford against Cambridge the weekend prior.


Monday Morning Man: Armie Hammer!

At just 23, actor Armie Hammer seems destined to be a major star.
His biggest role so far as evangelist Billy Graham in the film Billy – The Early Years which just came out on DVD.
I chatted with Armie about the movie when it was released in theaters last year. He said YouTube was invaluable in helping him prepare to play the self-assured and charismatic preacher before he became a worldwide figure in the religious and political worlds.

“I think that’s the greatest tool for any actor playing a real person,” Armie said. “I was able to find so much stuff and do almost all of my research on the computer….When it’s someone as recognizable and identifiable as Billy Graham, if you mess up, there are 2 billion people who have seen his preach and they will know.”

Billy – The Early Years was shot over five weeks in various locations in Tennessee, including a town so small that its two sheriff’s deputies would often stop by to watch the shoot.

Recalled Hammer: “We’d hear their walkie talkies and the calls would be like, ‘Jim is on his tractor drunk again.’”

The great-grandson of U.S. business tycoon Armand Hammer, the actor seemed almost pre-destined to play Graham. His father had bumped into the preacher one day on the Cayman Islands where the Hammer family lived.

“He was there vacationing and my dad was just walking down the beach one morning and saw him sitting under a tree,” he said. “He just gave my dad so much time, they talked for two hours. He told my dad the story about how he tried to talk to my great-grandfather about God. They were in an elevator in New York and (Graham) said: ‘Do you know where you’re going after you die?’ (My great-grandfather) didn’t say anything and Once the elevator stopped, he just got out.”

The actor said he never considered changing his famous name: “I’m proud of my family name. The only time it only hurt was in junior high school when the nicknames started. I also get a lot of questions about baking soda.”