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AHO visitor Whitney was kind enough to send in her sighting of Armie. It’s really cute! Thanks Whitney! 🙂

I spotted Armie and Elizabeth in Larchmont Village last week. They were dining together at the sushi restaurant Kiki on Larchmont Road and they were smiling and laughing a lot. I tried to hear what they were saying because Armie was talking about his day on set filming The SOCIAL Network, but I couldn’t really hear details. They were holding hands under the table though even though they were sitting across from eachother. Also, a waitress at the restaurant said they come in a lot and that last time they were with Leighton Meester and her bf!! WHo knew they were all friends?

Armie Online on Twitter

As a sort of a little ‘experiment’ if you will. Armie Hammer Online has joined Twitter. I thought this would be a good way for fans to be kept uptodate on all things Armie. If there’s a positive response I’ll keep it going but if not, then I’ll just stick to updates on the main site. So please, all Armie fans! Make sure you’re following @armie_online for the latest news, pictures and videos of Armie! Thank you!

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“Billy: The Early Years” DVD out next month

The Amazing and True Story of the 20th Century’s Most Prominent Preacher

The Crusade Begins March 16, 2010

Contact: Brian Burch, 616-233-0500;

TORONTO, Feb. 3 /Christian Newswire/ — For audiences worldwide, no person has delivered the message of God with more power and dedication than Billy Graham. With an undying commitment, Billy Graham has used the Lord’s word to help millions accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Billy: The Early Years presents a rare glimpse into the life of the young Graham and how his mission and commitment to God shaped the man who changed the face of modern Evangelism and went on to become one of the world’s most influential preachers. Directed by veteran Actor / Director and Golden Globe® nominee Robby Benson (Beast in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Ode To Billy Joe, Ice Castles, The Greatest Story Ever Told).

Armie Hammer (Veronica Mars, Flicka), who plays an incredibly authentic Graham, takes the viewer deep into the heart of the man. From his humble beginnings we join Billy on a journey to spread the word of the lord. Billy: The Early Years includes such Hollywood luminaries as Academy Award®-winner Martin Landau (Ed Wood, “Entourage”), Lindsay Wagner (“The Bionic Woman”), Stefanie Butler (“CSI: NY”) and Grammy Award®-nominated country music sensation Josh Turner. Read more »

2081 Screencaptures

Amazing, incredible, breath-taking! I don’t know if there’s enough words out there for me to describe what a superb film 2081 is. I received my copy from Amazon just yesterday and capped it as soon as I could. An absolute must-see for any Armie or Kurt Vonnegut fan. The movie is rather short (only 25 minutes) but it stays very true to the short story it’s based on: “Harrison Bergeron” . It’s really a brilliantly done film – the entire cast are fantastic, visually the film is stunning. Now, that’s enough of my ranting, lol. I’ve added over 700 HD captures of Armie from the movie. Enjoy 😀